Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Agawang Panyo

Agawang Panyo
What I felt when playing the game
I felt suspense throughout the game as I not only had to mind which number was called but I also had to be aware about my opponent since he or she can just tag me to win the round. Variations of the game made it more confusing for me. I feel satisfied when I beat my opponent in getting the “panyo” to my side.
What I observed in my classmates when playing the game
I think that my classmates also felt suspense in thinking how they would get the “panyo” to their side. Some were confused in knowing if their number was called.
What variations would I give
A good variation will be adding more “panyo” and getting them to your side while preventing your opponent from getting all the “panyo” to his or her side.
Varsity player of the game
 There are no standouts in the game.
Most Suspenseful Game

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